Why Choose .com.de?

.com.de is Germany’s newest domain extension, presenting a fresh opportunity to establish world-class presence in the world’s busiest domain market.

Familiar and simple to recall, .com.de domains will instill consumer confidence in your website, allow customers to find you easily, and drive your business to achieve greater success.

.com.de presents an opportunity for restriction-free registration: a local presence is not required and there is no limit to the amount of domains each individual can register.

A globally recognized domain extension and results-focused marketing tool, .com.de will give your business the right exposure in both global and localized search results.

.com.de eliminates the need for compromise – you no longer have to decide between the ubiquity of .com and the national identification of .de. we’ve packaged them into a powerful combination so that you receive twice the benefits from one extension.

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About .COM.DE

40% of all registered country code domains currently carry their respective .com.xx domain extension. This percentage is growing rapidly as demand increases for globally visible domains with great names and commercial appeal.

Australia with .com.au, Brazil with .com.br and China with .com.cn, are amongst the 97 countries that use .com.xx extensions to successfully represent commercial websites.

Leveraging the global recognition and proven success of these domain extensions, .com.de presents an exceptional opportunity to attain instant presence in the German and global markets without any restrictions.

COM.DE Registry & CentralNic

CentralNic is the world’s longest running global domain registry, built on 15 years of security, stability and marketing innovation.

100% continuous availability across 27 domain extensions has earned CentralNic a world-class reputation as an industry leader.

The only registry to launch two new domain extensions in 2010, CentralNic operates such successful extensions as EU.COM, UK.COM and .LA. CentralNic supplies domains to 1500 leading registrars throughout Germany and around the world.

CentralNic has joined with ComdeRegistry to launch Germany’s newest domain extension - .com.de



".COM.DE combines the most popular generic and country code domains in the world: .COM and .DE. Together with an affordable price it also offers tens of thousands of names that are free to register."
Thorsten Smeets - COO and Director Sales - Key-Systems


"The introduction of .COM.DE offers everyone the unique opportunity of getting the domain they've always wanted under a .DE at reasonable prices. The playing field is equal to all and many highly valuable domains will be available."
Robert Birkner - Chief Strategy Officer - Hexonet

United Domains

"It's good to see that there will be a new domain for Germany. This is a good opportunity for domain owners if their name is already taken."
Tobias Sattler - Chief Information Officer - united-domains


"With the launch of .COM.DE the feel in the air has a je ne sais quoi, and that is because of .DE’s worldwide connotation. Being Germany, one of the largest online communities, and .DE domains a worldwide favourite, INSTRA CORPORATION is proud to be one of the few Registrars accredited for the launch of this new ccTLD."