Why Choose .com.de?

".COM.DE combines the most popular generic and country code domains in the world: .COM and .DE. Together with an affordable price it also offers tens of thousands of names that are free to register."
Thorsten Smeets - COO and Director Sales

"The introduction of .COM.DE offers everyone the unique opportunity of getting the domain they've always wanted under a .DE at reasonable prices. The playing field is equal to all and many highly valuable domains will be available."
Robert Birkner - Chief Strategy Officer

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We’re taking Germany to the world and bringing the world to Germany. Join us…

Established to fulfill the consumer demand for more web addresses with a .de ending and with less restrictions, .com.de ushers German businesses into the global spotlight and provides the ideal domain for foreign companies doing business in Germany. Thousands of keyword domains are now available as .com.de brings a fresh inventory of domain names.
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